About Us

Digital Media, is an IT based company which has taken up the mission to provide quality education to all the computer aspirants through its Virtual Teacher Tutorial CDs at affordable price. Digital Media was conceptualized and visualized by Mr. Sony Jose in the year 2000. We have successfully launched various software tutorials in Tamil, English and other regional languages. The greatest advantage of our tutorials from the beginning, was that the aspirants could learn the software applications at their own pace and with the convenience of being at home or any place of their choice. Keeping it economical was our first major priority, as we have seen that high priced software classes were keeping the real talented aspirants away from the goal of attaining heights. Through our tutorial CDs, we have detailed the applications to the core, thus equipping the aspirants.

Virtual Teacher is a CD ROM based software tutorial that teaches the very basic to advanced applications. It is unmatched in its comprehensive, easy to follow, easy to understand and self paced training session. One just needs to insert the Virtual Teacher CD ROM, watch and listen as the tutorials are present using the state-of-art multimedia technology. After completing our tutorial one can become a professional of any software.

With the growing international needs, we have taken our tutorials to the international market. We have participated in various international exhibitions like Sharjah International book fair, Dubai shopping festival, Singapore book fair, Malaysian IT expo, Colombo IT and shopping festivals.

Our motto is to help all computer aspirants to fulfill their dreams, which is why we have been working hard to reach the huge mass by delivering quality education in their own regional language which has now made us the pioneers in the local market.